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Our company offers bespoke solutions in the three following fields: marketing, communication and web.


Synerdreams supports you in your strategic decision-making by offering marketing and communication techniques that can boost your brand and expand your target audience. Our solutions are tailored to face the challenges met by our clients.


Synerdreams can help you mold both your professional and personal projects. Through our listening skills, we create custom-made and original visual identities. We put our expertise at the service for your visibility and credibility. Optimize your image and hightlight your values.

Web development

Synerdreams offers solutions adapted to the design of your choice, including the features you want and where you want your site hosted. These solutions are tailored to your budget because we believe that every solution has its budget. This is why we propose both local and outsourcing solutions.


Fuck Up Nights


Atelier Jeca


Defence for Children International






Les Petits Goûters d'Eole


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Who are we?

A Geneva-based company specializing in marketing and communication founded in 2012. Synerdreams is not an agency, it is above all an ideas laboratory formed by a group of professionals from all backgrounds (design, advertising, web, strategy, etc. .). Our challenge is to help your brand grow.At Synerdreams, we help companies achieve the brand image they dream of. We are not consultants, coaches nor magicians, we are enthusiats.

By encouraging our client to go where no one dares to go, by forcing them to remain true to their original vision or daring not fix what’s not broken, we want to prove that at Synerdreams the customer is king. Our only rule: innovate. . We design and execute but the most important for us is to conceive our strategies hand in hand with our client. No trust, no interest. We are always looking for new collaborations, our only selection criterea is to favor projects where the management team wants to participate actively in the implementation of our strategies..

Our values

  • Trust

    At Synerdreams we believe that trust is the sinews of war. The value of a good advice is matched only by the trust that we put in the person who gives it to us. All employees and partners of Synerdreams know and respect our desire to forge a professional relationship with each client, based on the respect of his ideas, his career and his ambitions.

  • Integrity

    What matters at Synerdreams is to offer, to our clients, solutions that we believe in. We guarantee to be transparent about our methodologies and workflows. Our priority is to present strategies that our clients can understand and to which they can relate to.

  • Respect

    At Synerdreams, we believe that the functioning of a business is similar to a mechanism. To understand it each employee is considered like a vital link in a chain and we will make it a point to treat them as such.

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